As an artist, Black Diamond has been performing, writing and singing for over 20 years. With her passion for the arts starting at a very young age, she originally began her career as a model/choreographer. Her practice continued to evolve and she went on to form VERSATILE PERFORMERS (VP Studios): a Performing Arts Company and Agency based in London that provides training, representation and mentoring to performing artists. A trained Creative & Artistic Director and Performing Artist, she also has a proven track record as a mentor and trainer within the arts and enterprise sectors.

After suffering a spinal injury during a dance session in 2001, Black Diamond was unable to continue her career as a professional dancer. However, her determination and creativity gave her strength to continue with her performing arts career, shifting her focus to concentrate on the training and management side of the industry. This indomitable spirit and resilience is what has inspired her to teach, train and mentor people of all abilities and disabilities. A core fundamental of Versatile Performers is to inspire all artists –especially those living with a disability, to pursued their dreams and ambitions.

Black Diamond is a creative, unique and skilled songwriter, producer and performer. Her unique soulful, jazzy vocals and thought-provoking lyrics have wowed audiences nationwide. Featuring as a semi-finalist in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest. In 2015, she formed the independent record label Boss Woman Productions.

Black Diamond offers Creative Direction, Photography, Catwalk Choreography and agent services for Creatives and Performing Artist.

Combined with her empathetic nature and professional experience within the arts and creative industries, Black Diamond aims to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and INSPIRE through the power of the arts.